Vehicle Two Way Radios

Two-way radio solutions for logistics, transportation and warehousing.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, your transportation operations rely on communication that is both fast and reliable. Shipments can change at a moment’s notice, additional requests can be added to a driver’s route, and vehicle maintenance needs can all affect the workflow of a fleet.

Instant, reliable vehicle communication systems help delivery and logistics businesses streamline operations, control costs and delight customers.

Your vehicle two-way radios can connect your warehouse team to automate the process of fulfilling orders connecting front and back of the house operations. Manage your fleet and delivery operations all at the push of a button!

Today, more than ever, transporting of goods is vital to the everyday consumer and business. Make sure your business doesn’t fall behind with vehicle mounted two-way radios.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios

While many teams are able to communicate using smartphones, transportation laws provide a new challenge, since the United States Distracted Driver Law says that smartphones and texting are prohibited for U.S. commercial drivers. Two-way radios, however, are not restricted.

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radios from in provide a wide range of features that allow safe transportation and effective communication to achieve business objectives. MOTOTRBO XPR digital radios offer tracking applications, integrated Bluetooth®, and wireless mobile microphones for more streamlined communication without the distraction.

While drivers use two-way radios to communicate within safety regulations, other departments using smartphones are eliminating communication barriers between the office and the road. Motorola MOTOTRBO radios take different work environments into account to improve communication company-wide. Meet your objectives, enhance safety and promote efficiency at your transportation business with Motorola MOTOTRBO radios. 

Motorola MOTOTRBO Systems

Transportation is an unpredictable industry. Within minutes, your team can receive direction to pick up unforeseen shipments or change delivery locations, with the assistance of two-way radio systems that offer efficient and reliable communication.

The Motorola MOTOTRBO system uses digital technology to reshape standard two-way radio communication and deliver enhanced productivity in the workforce.

Data applications further boost productivity by streamlining order management, delivery confirmation, and workflow monitoring. Vehicle maintenance can also be monitored, from fuel consumption to onboard diagnostics, ensuring that proactive maintenance is accounted for.

A variety of MOTOTRBO portable and mobile radios, data applications, and repeaters pair with accessories and software to create a solution that streamlines the logistics of delivery and transportation. Deliver more than shipments, and get key information and workplace productivity at the push of a button with Motorola MOTOTRBO Systems for your business.

Motorola WAVE™ OnCloud

Motorola’s revolutionary WAVE OnCloud software allows your business to forget fighting with connectivity in team communications. Last-minute delivery changes, team alerts, and schedule changes can all be communicated using the WAVE OnCloud hybrid of broadband connection and the MOTOTRBO radio network. Voice and data applications allow multimedia communication that helps your team achieve mission-critical tasks.

RCS Communications provides a variety of two-way communication solutions to improve productivity and success in achieving business objectives. Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios, Motorola MOTOTRBO Systems, and Incident Management Software are all available in . Request a quote for Two-Way Radio Systems today!

Safe, secure measures for your employees are crucial, particularly when communicating information across departments. Motorola’s PremierOne Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) incident and resource management system are secure networks that allow your personnel to operate with the best information available when making critical decisions.

RCS Communications provides expert assistance in finding the right Motorola radios, systems, and software for your Kentucky and Indiana transportation, logistics and warehouse teams. Request a quote for tailored solutions and pricing to enhance safety within your business!

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