Digital Communication & Wide Area Radio System for Kentucky and Indiana

RCS Communications operates Louisville’s first and largest wide area network repeater system – CPNTrac. Ideal for business’ with service fleets, deliveries, and transportation services or those who want to track vehicle assets and dispatch employees throughout the city.

We are currently renting radios, radio airtime, and commercial GPS tracking on the CPNTrac system for a low monthly cost, with excellent coverage, and unlimited talk minutes. Customers in Construction, Security, and Transportation are benefiting from CPNTrac today, and we look forward to servicing your business as well.

Do You Have a Festival or Sporting Event That Needs Wide-Area Radio Communications?

The CPNTrac system is great for rentals that last a weekend, week, or month. Contact our rentals team today! We look forward to helping your event be a success.

With CPNTrac You can:

  • Monitor Pick Up and Drop Off times
  • Improve Driver Behavior
  • Monitor Routes
  • One to Many Voice Communications at the Push of a Button
  • Dispatch Drivers Quicker
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Monitor Speed
  • Communication Control
  • Manage Volunteers
  • Communicate over your large area event space
  • Insurance Costs could Decrease*

Actively Track Your Fleets From Your Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Contact Our Team Today to Learn More About How CPNTrac Can Help Your Business

CPNTrac Coverage Area

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