Construction Radios for Kentucky and Indiana

Your job site is dirty, wet, dry and dusty, sometimes all in the same week!

Two-way construction radios can keep your crew on task and target. Our rugged two-way radios can stand up to all the elements.

You can easily communicate with work gloves on. The audio of construction two-way radios is loud and clear even around machinery and heavy equipment. Increase safety with features with apps like lone worker and man down.

Two-Way Radios for Construction in Kentucky and Indiana

Staying competitive in the construction industry requires finding innovative ways to save money. Construction sites using two-way radios in have found the devices to be an effective way to reduce costs by increasing efficiencies. Clear and reliable job site communication eliminates costly mistakes while reducing downtime.

We offer construction site systems for small independent contractors, mid-size contractors, and large construction operations. Whatever your project size, we can provide the construction two-way radios in that will enhance communications on your site.

Purpose-built for Challenging Environments​

Hazardous conditions, bad weather and a noisy job site are no match for the rugged design, durability and noise canceling features of Motorola MOTOTRBO™ two-way radio solutions.

  • Utilize safety features and applications (e.g. Lone Worker and Man Down)
  • Stay on track with instant, secure, push-to-talk connectivity
  • Hear and be heard in noisy environments
  • Unlimited talk time to control costs

Our Two-Way Radio Systems Features

  • Clear Audio – even on the noisiest construction sites, our powerful speakers provide crystal clear audio at any volume.
  • Ease of Use – their lightweight and ergonomic design make them easy to carry and operate, even with gloves on.
  • Programmable – you can customize your power level, scanning, and channel monitoring.
  • Flexible Options – you have flexible options for range and coverage, batteries, and accessories.

Two-Way Radio Rentals for Kentucky and Indiana Construction

For short-term projects, you may not need to invest in the equipment. Or, you may just want to see first-hand how the equipment will benefit your operation before you commit to the investment.Two-way radio rentals in are the solution you’ve been looking for! Contact us for your radio rental request. We are the temporary two-way radio rental dealer for all of the supplies your construction project needs in Kentucky and Indiana.

Two-Way Radio Repairs in Kentucky and Indiana

If anything goes wrong with your Motorola two-way radios, we can take care of that for you. We handle the repairs and servicing of Motorola radios for Kentucky and Indiana construction companies. We know that when your two-way radios are down, it affects your business, so we’re here to help you get back up and running as soon as possible.

Additional Benefits with MOTOTRBO Digital Radios​

  • Built to take it:​ Construction sites aren’t playgrounds. MOTOTRBO radios meet demanding specifications for submersion in water, as well as military standards for durability and reliability.
  • Track location:​ When used with a location tracking application, the integrated GPS module allows site supervisors to track the location of workers, locate supplies, and plan deliveries on or between job sites quickly.
  • Communicate in loud environments:​ Digital radios overcome the high decibel environment of a construction site with noise suppression technology that limits background noise. And when paired with Motorola’s IMPRES audio accessories, noise suppression is increased even further. And when traditional voice communication is simply not possible, text messaging provides an effective alternative.
  • Equipment security:​ Motorola two-way radios feature remote disable technology to minimize the impact of theft, and GPS features help track the locations of vehicles and heavy equipment, such as backhoes, excavators, forklifts, and other assets.
  • Link locations and people:​ Accountability is important when working with sub-contractors or part-time laborers. Managers can use IP Site Connect software to connect between dispersed locations or across a large geographic area.
  • Applications that improve efficiency:​ Data applications, such as work order ticket management, enable you to send work order tickets directly to a crew member’s radio. The employee can then close the ticket from the radio notifying you of its completion. MOTOTRBO radios accommodate any number of applications designed to make your job easier.

Radio Accessories for Construction

We understand the unique needs of construction companies in Kentucky and Indiana. We offer a wide range of audio accessories, carrying cases, dispatch tools, and rapid chargers that will enhance your on-site communications and increase productivity. Have a look at our Motorola Accessories Catalog today to see how our radio accessories will enhance your team’s communication on the job site.

“I feel RCS did an incredible job in providing customer satisfaction.”
Chief Jim Sitzler
LaGrange Fire & Rescue Dept.

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